Report on the ASTM International conference “Standardization and the Global Marketplace”

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Report on the ASTM International conference
“Standardization and the Global Marketplace”

On April 12, a conference on the theme of “Standardization and the Global Marketplace” was held at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo. Sponsored by ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) International and supported by JSA, it drew the participation of more than 100 participants from Japan’s industrial sectors. The welcome address by ASTM International Chairman James A. Thomas was followed by presentations on the themes listed below.

Suga Test Instruments & International StandardsMr. Shigeo Suga,
President, Suga Test Instruments Co., Ltd.
International Standards and Competitiveness:
US Government Policy & Practice
Ms. Mary H. Saunders,
Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of Commerce
The Importance of International Standardization to German IndustryDr. Torsten Bahke,
Director, Deutsches Institute f?r Normung (DIN)
ISO 2010 and BeyondMr. Sadao Takeda,
Vice President for Policy, ISO
Director General, JSA
ASTM International; Connected to the WorldMr. James A. Thomas,
President, ASTM International

* The conference was emceed by Mr. Masami Tanaka, Chairman of JSA and Director for ASTM International.

During the Q&A session, the reference of ASTM standards as “international” in a presentation prompted a question on the relationship between ISO and ASTM. Explanation was given that ISO standards and ASTM standards are used separately based on market needs and that participation in standards development, as a general rule, is government-based for ISO and private-based for ASTM, with ASTM standards being developed with international participation.

Panel discussion

Panel discussion