National Meeting on Standardization and Quality Management 2011

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National Meeting on Standardization and Quality Management 2011

Each year, the Japanese Standards Association convenes standardization and quality control promotion organizations, as well as business entrepreneurs, managers and engineers from around Japan, for the “National Meeting on Standardization and Quality Management” to foster mutual help and betterment from lectures and presentations.

Again this year, the National Meeting on “Standardization and Quality Management 2011″ was held on October 17 and 18 at the Toshi Center Hotel in Tokyo.

The theme for this year was “Toward Sustainable Growth in the Global Society: From Adapting to Change to Innovating.”

On October 17, the Meeting opened with the welcome address by Mr. Masami Tanaka, president of JSA, followed by Special Lecture I emceed by Mr. Hiroshi Osada, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. As speaker for Special Lecture I, Mr. Junichiro Kawaguchi, Hayabusa Project Manager of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) spoke on “Hayabusa’s Venture to Make Mankind’s First Round Trip in Space and its Seven-Year Voyage”. This was followed by Special Session II, in which Mr. Kenichiro Senoh of the Industry-Academia Collaboration Initiative (non-profit organization) gave a lecture on “Changes and Diversification of the Meaning of International Standardization”. Both lectures attracted capacity audiences.

Venue filled to capacityPanel Discussion
Venue filled to capacityPanel Discussion

On October 18, 19 sessions were held on a wide range of topics, chiefly those currently drawing great interest. The lectures featured case studies by various businesses, including Toyota Corp., case studies on the application of quality engineering on staff divisions, corporate restructuring with service science in order to adapt to the rapid environmental changes, standardization related to iPS cells that are drawing great attention in recent years with technological advances in Japan, wind power generation, etc. In the special session created newly this year, three leading Japanese businesses engaged in active discussions on manufacturing and human resources development in the global age.

Once again, the meeting drew more than 1,000 participants on the two days.

We believe that the meeting had fulfilled its purpose as a venue for gaining knowledge and energy for improving organizations and became a milestone in addressing many issues concerning the business management environment in Japan and its directions in the future. The meeting has also earned approbation from its participants, who have reported that the lectures are very informative, being backed by a large number of case studies, that they hope to apply some of the ideas on their companies, that they gained greater understanding through the Q&A sessions, etc.

In addition to the National Meeting, JSA holds Local Meetings on Standardization and Quality Control 2011 in the 8 regional blocs of Hokkaido, Tohoku, Chubu, Kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa.

For “National Meeting on Standardization and Quality Management 2012″ to be held next year, we plan to do our utmost in its preparations in order to promote further growth in the number of participants.