Standardization at INSTAC

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Standardization at INSTAC

Japanese Standards Association (JSA) Information Technology Research and Standardization Center (INSTAC) was dissolved on March 31,2010. For remaining operations and follow-up, 5 staffs have remained and the “INSTAC group” has been set up as a part of Standards Development Department. This group follows up INSTAC’s remaining activities for two years fixed term.

Closing ceremony was held on June 22, 2010, in which whole INSTAC activities since its establishment in 1985 were reported and former members of INSTAC committees were invited to the event. After the speech given by Mr. Kondo, Senior Corporate Adviser of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, as a representative of managing committee, and Mr. Inoue, Director of Standardization Office for Information Technology and Electrotechnology, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, as represent by the administration the final curtain fell on INSTAC.

One of the remaining projects proceeded in FY2010 was “Standardization on 4-direction key interaction for mobile devices”. In this project, standards draft on “navigation methods for ladder menus with 4-direction key” was developed to the internationally proposed as NP and to be progressed as Working Draft (WD) to Committee Draft (CD) in cooperation with Japanese national committee of SC35/JTC1.

Another project was standardization on technology of high-definition image data exchange protocol for printing of RGB images. It promoted to develop new international standard proposed by Japan on specification of reference printers and image data exchanges using in the RGB workflow based on RGB image data.

Additionally, 12 JIS standards whose drafts were developed by INSTAC, published in FY2010. Continuing operations and follow-up will be terminated at the end of FY2011.