The 14th Quality Management and Quality Control Examination held

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The 14th Quality Management and Quality Control
Examination held

Quality Management and Quality Control Examination (hereinafter called QM/QC Examination) is a testing program established for objective evaluation of knowledge in quality control and quality management, started in 2005 with accreditation by the Japanese Society for Quality Control. QM/QC examination program classifies QM/QC competence required of individuals working in the company and other organizations into 4 grades (Grade 1 through 4) and objectively evaluates the necessary QM and QC knowledge by the written examinations.

Report on the 14th Examination
The 14th QM/QC Examination took place on September 9 (Sun) at more than 100 sites nationwide.

The number of applicants for Grades 1 through 4 totaled 47,070, exceeding the 40,000 applications consecutively since the 12th QM/QC Examination in September 2011.?@The number multiplied by approx. 12 times from 3,959 applicants of the first examination in December 2005 exceeding the cumulative total of 340,000. Giving the breakdown by grade, 2.9% applied for Grade 1, 24.3% applied for Grade 2, and 55.0% and 17.9% applied for Grades 3 & 4, respectively. The ratios are generally constant for the past several examinations.

Applications can be submitted either from the private individuals or by the groups, such as business enterprises and schools. The ratio of applications from the groups account for more than 70%, suggesting that QM/QC Examination has started to take root in business and other organizations. Furthermore, the examination program has also attracted great attention of high schools and universities as well, for reasons such as its “problem-solving skills” being useful in work and certification being an advantage in seeking employment.

The average age of the 42,329 examinees was 34.9, the same as the average age for Grade 3 examinees who account for the largest number of the total. The age group ranges from 14 to 70 (13 to 82 for the previous examination), showing a very broad range in age. A look into the examinees by age per grade shows that the youngest of the Grade 1 applicants was 17 and the oldest, 69. For Grade 2, the youngest was 14 and the oldest, 70. For Grade 3, the youngest was 15 and the oldest was 70. For Grade 4, the youngest and the oldest examinees were 14 and 66, respectively.

The percentage of the successful examinees were 13.40% for Grade 1, 40.57% for Grade 2, 63.38% for Grade 3 and 85.36% for Grade 4, roughly equivalent to the results of the previous examination.

QM/QC Examination has been held 14 times in the past, with cumulative total of 340,000 applicants, 310,000 examinees, and 200,000 successful examinees, demonstrating that it has become widely accepted in Japan. The QM/QC Examination Center is working to promote further dissemination and to enable successful applicants to participate in a wide range of areas in industry and education.

The 15th Quality Management and Quality Control Examination: March 24, 2013 (Sun)
For details on the QM/QC Examination program and test, please click the Quality Management and Quality Control (QM/QC) Examination website. (available in Japanese only)

*Please note that the 15th examination will be in Japanese, and test sites will be located in Japan only.