53rd Quality Month

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53rd Quality Month

In Japan, November is designated “Quality Month” since 1960. Ever since its inception, Quality Month activities have been organized to foster greater quality awareness and wider dissemination of quality control activities.

Following last year’s Quality Month theme, “Crisis as Power — Quality Innovation,” rebirth of quality power was chosen as keywords for this year’s theme, expressed as “Rebirth of Quality Power — Definitely Japan Quality!” The world economy is being rocked by tumultuous changes, with continuing growth of emerging economies, economic insecurities in Europe and the major earthquake in Japan following by extensive flooding in Thailand.

The point of departure in the survival in the marketplace, not only in Japan but especially in global markets, is that we must not only upgrade and refine technologies and improvement capabilities but focus our attention and look into what is the quality that will win recognition and stimulate excitement among the consumers and customers in nations and territories where cultures and values differ.

In the words “Rebirth of Quality Power,” we hoped to embody our determination at not just restoring high quality and high reliability from the supply side but going back to the basics once again with risk consciousness as the driving force to lay the foundation for creation of values from the perspectives of the diverse consumers and customers around the world and to rebuild and refine our all-around capabilities to achieve this goal.

On the other hand, it is said that the absolute trust in Japan quality is wavering, partly due to last year’s major earthquake. All the more because of this, we need to announce to the world that the basic foundation of Japan quality is safety and security and to demonstrate our presence as a power capable of delivering this — and in addition, instilling the sense of excitement — for the world to recognize that “definitely Japan quality” is a sure bet.

In the effort to catapult out of the social uncertainties, businesses in the manufacturing and related industries in Japan are making active use of Quality Month events such as special seminars, as well as Quality Month items such as Quality Month textbooks, posters, and badges, in order to boost greater quality awareness not only in Japan but also in their overseas operations and affiliates.

[Quality Month banner]

* Japanese businesses make use of the Quality Month banner to raise quality awareness among their employees.