Societal security standards

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Societal security standards

Following the publication on October 21, 2013 of three JIS standards that correspond to the ISO standards under ISO/TC223 (Societal security)–namely, ISO 22300, ISO 22301 and ISO 22320, the Japanese Standards Association (JSA) held a presentation featuring the key points in the new JIS Standards, JIS Q 22301:2013 (Societal security–Business continuity management systems–Requirements) and JIS Q 22320:2013 (Societal security–Emergency management–Requirements for incident response), on October 30.

The presentation meeting was organized to shed light to the important points in implementing and structuring business continuity management (BCM), business continuity management systems (BCMS) and incident response in an emergency and to the issues to be considered in doing so, as well as to encourage participants to learn from the perspective of business continuity not only for one’s organization but also for its industry, its supply chain in Japan and elsewhere and its region and to activities based on this perspective. It drew an audience of roughly 70 participants, chiefly from corporate CRS, risk management and management planning divisions.

The meeting consisted of a lecture on business impact analysis (BIA) that is the key element in JIS Q 22301 and core in BCM and BCMS structuring and management and on risk assessment, explanation of system structure and activities related to “command and control,” “operational information” and “cooperation and coordination” that make up JIS Q 22320, presentation of examples in building an emergency goods supply system, examples of BCM activity in global supply chains, presentation of ISO 22397 and ISO 22398 that support BCMS and commentary on future directions in this area.

The lectures were given by the following five experts who have participated in standards development at TC223 or in JIS development.
  • Mr. Shinichi Okabe, Advisor, Tokio Marine & Nichido Risk Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Haruo Hayashi, Ph.D. Professor, Kyoto University Research Center for Disaster Reduction Systems DPRI.ISO/TC223/WG3/Project Leader.
  • Mr. Syoji Narita, Group Liaison Senior Officer, General Affairs Department, SEVEN & i HLDGS.
  • Mr. Tadashi Sugahara, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Risk Management, Global Internal Audit Office, NISSAN MOTOR CO., LTD.
  • Mr. Kenji Watanabe, Ph.D., MBA, Professor Nagoya Institute of Technology. ISO/TC223/WG1/Convener.

Because the audience showed great satisfaction in the presentations, JSA is planning to hold more presentation meetings and seminars to foster wider awareness and acceptance of the BCM and BCMS standards in the future.