54th Quality Month

JSA Newsletter

54th Quality Month

Starting in 1960, November has been designated “Quality Month” in Japan. Ever since its inception, Quality Month activities have been organized to raise quality awareness and to foster wider dissemination of quality control activities.

As the theme for the 54th Quality Month, “Achieve New Growth with “Valuable Quality”” has been selected. Among the themes selected for the past 53 Quality Months, the only term used as modifier of the keyword “quality” was the adjective “good.” And, the phrase “good quality” was used roughly 10 times in the past. This year, we have decided to look once again into what “good quality” is. To describe this effort, we have chosen “quality with value.” Customer perception of value in the same level of quality can differ by country and culture, due to disparities in concepts of value. For this reason, we need to explore further than the customers into what quality is recognized as having value in each market.

In addition, value perception of each customer changes constantly. Through uninterrupted awareness of quality with value, we hope to trigger “new growth.”

Under this Quality Month theme as banner, Japan’s manufacturing businesses plan to spur new growth by building wider awareness with the Quality Month flyer stand, cultivating new markets and gaining customer satisfaction in such markets. Additionally, these efforts will be directed to foster improvement efforts of each individual toward better customer value and to the development of each individual by gaining the sense of self-fulfillment through accomplishing the goal.

* Japanese businesses make use of this Quality Month flyer stand to raise quality awareness among their employees.