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Reserach and development

Developing draft JIS

JSA develops draft JIS in various fields. These include JIS on units, graphical symbols, sampling inspection and quality assessment models and rules for the drafting and presentation of JIS in the basic and common fields; on graphic image processing, multimedia and information exchange codes in the IT field; on standards in the environmental management field. JSA also develops JIS in highly technical fields in cooperation with related industrial and other organizations.

Management Techniques

JSA investigates and studies the application and practical aspects of quality engineering (Taguchi Methods), data analysis methods, and techniques used for raising reliability and motivation.


JSA conducts surveys and research into standardization in

  1. basic and common fields such as units, and graphical symbols,
  2. networking and software applications in the IT field,
  3. management systems, and
  4. consumer protection,

JSA also actively participates in deliberations taking place in ISO/TC 37 Terminology (principles and coordination), ISO/TC 46 Information and documentation, ISO/TC 69 Applications of statistical methods, ISO/TC 176 Quality management and quality assurance, ISO/TC 207 Environmental management, IEC/TC 1 Terminology, IEC/TC 3 Documentation and graphical symbols, IEC/TC 56 Dependability, among others, to develop international standards.

Conformity Assessment

In order to ensure that Japan’s conformity assessment system meet the obligations set out in the WTO/TBT Agreement, JSA has established national committees for ISO/CASCO (Committee on Conformity Assessment) and IEC/CAB (Conformity Assessment Board) to deliberate on the technical issues related to draft international standards and to develop Japanese Industrial Standards.