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Certification of service providers

Translation Service Provider Certification

The Research and Services Certification Department of the JSA Solutions (JSA-SOL) conducts “Translation Service Provider (TSP) Certification” based on ISO 17100 (Translation Services -- Requirements for Translation Services).

ISO 17100 provides requirements for management of core processes, competences and qualifications for translators, revisers, reviewers and other professionals, and technical and technological resources, etc. needed for high quality translation services. Many clients who wish to access higher quality translation services are likely to choose ISO 17100 certified TSPs.

Active Leisure Certification

Since 2015, The Standardization Research Center of the JSA have been conducting “Active Leisure Certification” as the only certification body for businesses providing health and physical activity services that are effective for extending health expectancy.

By undergoing assessments by third-parties, businesses in the leisure and sport sectors can more easily demonstrate their service quality and increase trust among clients.

Housekeeping Service Certification

In collaboration with the ALL Japan House Keeping Society, we conduct “Housekeeping Service Certification” for businesses providing housekeeping services that contribute to building an environment conducive to realizing a society in which women can make the most of their abilities and thrive.

This certification proves to be instrumental when general consumers are looking to select a service provider that they can use safely and securely from a large number of candidates.