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Collection of Interpretations

Publication of the Collection of Interpretations with respect to JIS Certification

As an urgent task, JIS Certification Bodies Association (JISCBA) is working to ensure the uniformity and impartiality of JIS certification based on JIS mark scheme.
As part of this task, we have created the "Collection of Interpretations for JIS mark scheme Operation" and released it to the public.

This Collection of Interpretations is defined as the operation interpretation related to guidance on certification JIS-rated items and technical issues, and is a common guideline for JIS certification.
Collection of Interpretations will be added as needed in the future.
After receiving opinions from all relevant parties regarding the published Collection of Interpretations, we plan to make adjustments to When deemed appropriate.

Collection of Interpretations [Common edition]
common 1 (Revised on 2020.2.20)
common 2 (Revised on 2020.1.27)
common 3 (Revised on 2009.9.2)
common 4 (Missing due to withdrawn)
common 5 (Revised 2018.7.30)
common 6 (2008.1.10)
common 7 (2008.1.10)
common 8 (Revised on 2009.10.22)
common 9 (2008.1.10)
common 10 (Revised on 2018.7.30)
common 11 (Missing due to withdrawn )
common 12 (Revised on 2020.1.27)
common 13 (2013.3.29)
common 14 (2013.3.29)
common 15 (2013.3.29)
common 16 (Revised on 2020.2.20)
common 17 (Revised on 2020.1.27)
common 18 (2013.8.30)
common 19 (2013.3.29)
common 20 (2013.3.29)
common 21 (Revised on 2020.1.27)
common 22 (2020.11.10)