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Site Policy

This website is operated by the Japanese Standards Association. Please read and understand the points explained before use.
By accessing and using this site you indicate your agreement with this site policy.

1. Copyrights etc.

The documents, images, and software etc. (hereafter, “content”), published on this website, are protected as copyrights of JSA (hereafter “this association) or a third party. 
Except for cases where this is determined in the Copyright Act or the usage conditions of the individual content, the content may not be reproduced, translated, or transmitted publicly or used for any purpose, or in any format, without the permission of the copyright holder. This association, in relation to the content of this site, shall not permit the use of copyrights, patent rights, commercial trademarks, or any of the other rights, of this association or third parties. Additionally, no guarantees are made regarding any of the content of this site.

2. Protection of personal information

See the “Policy for the protection of personal information” for the policies regarding the protection of personal information on this site.

3. SSL

On this site, to enable our users to enter their important personal information with complete peace of mind, we have implemented an encrypted communications function known as “TLS(Transport Layer Security)” (this encrypted communications function also been standardized as SSL=Secure Socket Layer) for the pages on which personal information is entered, and we are using this to protect information.

4. Use of Cookies

Cookies are a data file sent by the website to the user’s computer, and which the website can load from the user’s computer when the user revisits the website. On our website, we use the mechanism of Cookies on some of the pages, and this frees the user from the effort of entering information each time, and history information showing what pages the user has visited can be collected. It is not possible to acquire personal information of the user using Cookies. It is also possible for the user to refuse receipt of the Cookies. In such a case, some of the services offered by the site may be unavailable.

5. Recommended browsers etc.

We recommend the following browser for the best experience when viewing or using this site.
Windows Microsoft Edge(latest version)
Google Chrome(latest version)
Mozilla Firefox(latest version)
Macintosh Safari(latest version)
  • However, depending on the usage environment of the user, some of the services provided by this site may be unavailable.
  • On this site, we use JavaScript and style sheets. Make sure that JavaScript is enabled when viewing this site.

6. Adobe Reader

Some of the documents and page content, on this site, is provided in PDF format. You will need to have Adobe Reader provided by Adobe to view this. Click the following icon to download the software free of charge.

The materials are distributed in a format known as PDF in order to ensure that the same content as the original is received. For the site policy regarding PDF files, see “6. Adobe Reader” on the Site Policy. 

7. Links

If you wish to link to our site, please notify us in advance of your purpose in linking, the URL of the page you would be linking from, and your contact details, using the following inquiry form.
Please be aware of the following items in advance.
  • In general terms, we would request that you link to our main page -(
  • We shall not allow displays that are a part of another site, such as displays within a frame, or links for sales purposes. 
  • We shall also refuse links in case it is judged that linking from such sites would be disadvantageous to this association.

8. Others

This site, as well as content on this site, may be changed or deleted, or stopped/suspended without advance notice. Additionally, please understand that the information provided by this site may not always reflect the latest information.


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