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Cooperating in International Standardization activities

Supporting international standardization activities

JSA actively participates in ISO and IEC work to develop international standards and directly and indirectly supports these activities of these international standardizing bodies. JSA sends representatives to serve on the upper strata committees at these organizations and provides financial assistance including travel and participation fees for attending meetings, as well as financial and other support to other organizations involved in deliberating draft international standards.

Secretariat work

JSA, in providing the secretaries of ISO TC and SCs (TC 164 Mechanical testing of metals and TC 201 Surface chemical analysis are just two examples), is actively involved in developing international standards.

Cooperation and assistance to developing countries

In order to provide technical assistance to developing countries overseas, JSA carries out surveys for the drafting of development plans, holds seminars, and accepts trainees. These efforts relate to industrial standardization and quality management and are commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and so on.

Providing information materials

The International Standardization Forum and IEC Activities Promotion Committee established within JSA publishes the International Standardization Information and IEC APC News and other materials on international standardization.