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Policy for the protection of personal information

The Japanese Standards Association, JSA Solutions Co.,Ltd., Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors and experts, (hereafter “JSA Group”) has recognized the importance of personal information, and, in addition to observing the laws, guidelines determined by the government, and other models related to the handling of personal information, has enacted and are observing the following personal information protection policy, in order to increase the level of protection and receive your trust. Regarding the specific personal information including My Number, JSA Group is strictly observing the relevant laws and taking safety control measures based on the JSA group companies’ “basic policy for appropriate handling of specific personal information.”

1. Acquisition of personal information

At the JSA Group, it may be necessary to acquire your personal information to carry out business and provide products/services in a smooth fashion. When acquiring this information, we shall state the purpose for using your personal information. The personal information used shall be within the scope of the model of business objectives. Additionally, the information shall be obtained by an appropriate and fair means.

2. Management of personal information

When the JSA Group manages your personal information, in addition to appointing an administrator and managing the information in an appropriate way, we shall strive to prevent the information from being leaked externally. Additionally, we shall take an appropriate and reasonable level of safety measures, in regard to the risks of unauthorized access to personal information, or the leaking, loss, or damage to personal information, and strive to manage your personal information in an appropriate way.

The JSA Group shall limit persons with access rights to its personal information database and manage this strictly to prevent unauthorized use.

The JSA Group, in order to provide you with a higher level of service, may subcontract the handling of personal information to an external body. In such a case, it shall select a subcontractor (hereafter “subcontractor”) that is recognized to handle personal information in an appropriate way, and, in addition to determining necessary items related to the management of personal information, non-disclosure, prohibition on repeat provision, and prevention of leaking of your personal information in a subcontractor agreement etc., shall manage the subcontractor in an appropriate way.

3. Uses and objectives in using personal information

The personal information acquired by the JSA Group shall only be used within the range required for achieving its objectives of use.

The JSA Group shall use your personal information for the purpose of
  1. sending you invitations to our products/services,
  2. clearing and sending products/services that you have purchased,
  3. undertaking surveys or providing responses when receiving various inquires related to personal information,
  4. creating a variety of statistical information for marketing purposes(specific individuals cannot be identified from the completed statistical information,
  5. managing committee members, seminar lecturers and auditors,
  6. managing members based on Japanese Standards Association’s membership system

4. Shared use within the JSA group

The JSA group may share your personal information with others in the group, as necessary, within the following scope. However, personal information relating to the Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors and the experts certification business shall not be shared.
  1. Personal information that may be shared
    Name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address, credit card information,
  2. Purpose of use
    The same as the purpose of use described in 3.
  3. Party responsible for managing personal information
    Japan Standards Association

5. Provision of personal information

The JSA Group shall not disclose or provide your personal information to a third party without your consent. However, in case there is a disclosure from public institutions, such as a court of law or the police, or when based upon other statutes such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information etc., your personal information may be disclosed or provided without your consent.

6. Disclosure, correction, or suspension, etc. in the use of personal information

JSA Group, if you request us to disclose your personal information (including notifications on usage objectives), and provided you undertake the designated procedures, then excluding cases where it would cause a significant obstacle to the progress of the JSA Group business, there is the risk of damage to the life, body, property or other benefit of an individual, or where, based on another statute such as the Act on the Protection of Personal Information etc., such information shall be provided promptly, in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

The JSA Group, in case there is a request from you for the amendment, addition, or deletion of personal information related to yourself (hereafter “amendment etc.”), or suspension or revocation of use, or suspension on provision to third parties (hereafter “suspension of use etc.”), and provided that the necessary procedures are carried out, we shall investigate without delay. If, as a result of the survey, it is considered that an amendment or suspension of use is required, we shall carry out the amendment or suspension of use without delay.

For information on the designated procedures, direct inquiries to the following contact points. The representative in question shall explain the necessary procedures.

7. Establishment of an internal system within the JSA group

The JSA group companies, based on the principles of protecting personal information, shall establish regulations concerning the protection of personal information, demonstrate clear guidelines on the handling of personal information to executives and employees, and strive to manage your personal information in an appropriate manner.

Japanese Standards Association
JSA Solutions Co.,Ltd.,
Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors and experts

Established April 1, 2005
Revised April 1, 2019

※ Contact point for inquiries and complaints
Specific questions, consultations, and complaints regarding your own personal information shall be handled by the departments that have received your personal information. In addition, general questions, consultations, and complaints regarding the handling of personal information by the JSA group as a whole should be addressed to the following:


Japanese Standards Association
Group Administration and Coordination Unit, Administration Team
Mita MT Bldg., 3-13-12 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073, Japan