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Education and training

Seminars on Standardization Technology

JSA holds seminars on standardization technology to provide explanation to users on such issues as industrial standardization, company standardization and the mechanical drawings in JIS.

Seminars on Management Techniques

Ever since the first quality control seminar held in Japan took place in June 1949, JSA has been providing seminars on the management techniques, such as quality control, quality management and quality engineering, in many principal cities. Moreover, JSA provides seminars on training for ISO9000/ISO14000 internal auditors, training seminars for Quality control managers in the framework of the JIS Mark Certification Scheme to bring them up to date on the latest in industrial standardization and quality management, and preparation courses for QC KENTEI(Quality Management and Quality Control Examination).

Technical assistance

JSA plans and implements education and training at companies in quality management, quality control, quality engineering and other quality techniques.

National Meeting on Standardization and Quality Management

JSA holds the “National Meeting on Standardization and Quality Management” each year, by convening standardization and quality management promotion organizations, as well as business entrepreneurs, managers and engineers from around Japan, for promoting mutual help and learning from lectures and presentations.

JSA is also hosting what is referred to as the “Local Meeting on Standardization and Quality Management” in principal cities throughout Japan.

Quality Month

In 1960, November was designated Quality Month and events to commemorate and promote quality were held throughout the country.

Today, JSA continues to issue textbooks and “Q(uality) flags”, and to host annual events and special lectures on quality management in major cities other than Tokyo together with the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce.