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Group Outline

On April 1, 2019, three entities below, under the slogan, “Standards that connect the world,” has just begun operation as the JSA Group.

JSA Group offers total solutions to the clients for standardization consultation, standards development, and its utilization support including organization and personnel certification

Japanese Standards Association (JSA)

  1. Group Management and Public Relations
  2. Standards Development
  3. Standardization Promotion
  • Toshio Ibi, President & CEO
  • Kenichi Shimosakai, Executive Director & COO
  • Shuji Hirakawa, Executive Director & CSO
  • Tomio Uchida,Executive Director & assistant CSO & Generl Manager,Standardizaion Management Unit
  • Azusa Nakagawa, Executive Director & Generl Manager,System Standards Development Unit
  • Hidetaka Namai, Executive Director
  • Katsuji Fujimoto, Executive Director
  • Taizo Yakushiji, Executive Director
  • Toshiyuki Iizuka, Auditor
  • Akira Ono, Auditor
  • Tomoko Nakanishi, Auditor

JSA Solutions Co., Ltd. (JSA-SOL)

  1. Sales
  2. Publication and Information
  3. Training
  4. Management Systems Enhancement (Organization Certification)
  • Toshio Ibi, Chairman
  • Yuichiro Takenami,President & CEO
  • Yasutoshi Hiraoka, Senior Executive Director & COO
  • Yuho Shishiyama,Senior Executive Director & CCO
  • Kenichi Shimosakai, Execuctive Director
  • Katsuya Yoshikawa,Execuctive Director & Generl Manager,Training Unit
  • Toshiyuki Iizuka, Auditor

Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors and experts (JRCA)

  1. Personnel Certification
    ・ Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors (JRCA)
    ・ Registration Center of Certificated Translators(RCCT)
    ・ Registration Center of Experts for Standardization(RCES)
  • Toru Maegawa, President & CEO
  • Yasuhiro Ogata, Director General & COO
  • Goichiro Yukawa, Executive Director
  • Toshiyuki Iizuka, Auditor