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Certification of management system auditors

Japanese Registration of Certificated Auditors (JRCA) was accredited by the Japan Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment (JAB) as a certification body for Quality management system (QMS) auditors in December 1996 (Certificate No. CP004). JRCA provides certification of auditors who audit organization’s QMS based on JIS Q 9001 (ISO9001).

JRCA built up the system for certification of auditors oriented to aerospace industries. After accreditation by JAB in September 2001, JRCA provides certification of aerospace auditors.

JRCA provides approval of training courses for QMS auditors and for aerospace auditors since 2006, and it has also started certification of information security management system (ISMS) auditors and approval of training courses for ISMS auditors under the accreditation by Japan Information Processing and DEvelopment Center (JIPDEC) since April 2007. The accreditation body of ISMS has been changed from JIPDEC to ISMS Accreditation Center (ISMS-AC) since 2018.

In 2015, JRCA was accredited by JAB as a certification body for food safety management system (FSMS) auditors. It was because the certification system of FSMS has been transfered from Japan FSMS Assessment and Registration Body (JFARB) to JRCA.

The number of certification of auditors provided by JRCA at the end of March, 2018 was 6,807 for QMS auditors, 73 for AS auditors, and 2,445 for ISMS auditors.

The number of training courses approved by JRCA at the end of March, 2018 was 5 for QMS, 1 for AS, and 5 for ISMS.