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Promoting JIS and other publications

Japanese Industrial Standards

The publication and distribution of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) is the bedrock on which all JSA’s activities stand. Moreover, JSA issues English versions of the JIS which are particularly significant from the perspective of international trade.


JSA publishes books on industrial standardization, quality management (control), administrative management, science and technology, and many other subjects. Best sellers include the JIS Handbooks, Glossary of Technical Terms in JIS, the Manual for company-wide standardization, Manual for quality management, Manual of world standards, the Management Engineering Series, and Easy Understanding Series of science and technology.


JSA publishes Standardization and Quality Control, first published in 1946, a monthly magazine specialized in industrial standardization and management techniques. The magazine runs a series featuring quality management, management system, and quality engineering etc. and provides latest information on deliberation status od JIS and newly established or revised JIS.

JIS and QC related product

JSA develops and markets physical standards and tools based on JIS that are used for standardization and quality control. These include the Book of JIS color standards, JIS Color Charts, Gray scales for assessing color change and for assessing staining, Three dimensional standards for evaluating seems, The Statistics Simulator Kit and 20 face die for generating random numbers.

JIS Seminars

JSA sponsors JIS Seminars to help users and interested parties correctly understand newly published or revised JIS standards.

Promoting JIS and related documents

JSA markets JIS, JIS Handbooks, and books and products on standardization and quality management (control) from its offices and at bookstores throughout the country and overseas.

Foreign standards

JSA imports and distributes international standards (ISO and IEC), national standards (ANSI, BSI and others), standards developed by other standardizing bodies (such as ASME and ASTM). JSA translates and markets the Japanese versions of some of these standards.

Standards Information

Both Japanese and foreign standards, as well as related documents and materials may be viewed free of charge at the JSA libraries which are located at its headquarters and Kansai and Nagoya offices.