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JSA Standards and specifications (JSAS)

Japanese Standards Association (JSA) strives to become a key player in our nation’s standardization activities as a national center for standardization. While the current scope of JIS standards are limited to industrial standards, with the growing national and international needs to develop service-related standards and other standards which are not covered by the current scopes of our country’s existing standards development bodies, JSA has decided to establish JSA standards and specifications (JSAS) to develop and publish private sector standards with assured transparency, fairness and objectivity to allow flexibility in meeting the various needs expressed by stakeholders.

1. What are JSA standards and specifications (JSAS*)?

JSAS are intended to cover standards in a broad range of fields, including ones related to services, regardless of industry within or outside of the scope of JISs, in line with JIS standards or industrial standards.
 * JSAS is the abbreviation of JSA Standards and Specifications.

2. Main objectives of JSAS

The main objectives of JSAS are as follows:

a) Addressing varying standardization needs

b) The equivalent level of consensus as international/national standards

c) Fast-tracking the project schedule

For the reasons described above, the following advantages can be expected by choosing JSAS

① Promoting technologies and services

② Facilitating consensus-building

③ Strengthening PR activities

JSAS can be particularly effective in cases such as if an organization wishes to develop a standard through an open, consensus-based process but as speedily as standards for a consortium or forum.
For reference, the first JSAS, “JSAS 1018 Indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services – Land transport of parcels with intermediate transfer – Requirements (title subject to change)”, was published in November, 2017 after being delivered on by the JSA standards review committee on the 30th of October, 2017.