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JSA Standards and Specifications

Japanese Standards Association (JSA) strives to play a key role as a national center in our nation’s standardization activities. With the growing needs for standards that are not being developed by our country’s standards development bodies, JSA established “JSA Standards and Specifications“ in June 2017. These are developed using a standards development process with assured transparency, fairness and objectivity to allow more flexibility in meeting the needs and expectations of various stakeholders.


1. What are JSA Standards and Specifications?

JSA Standards and Specifications are private sector standards in a wide range of fields including the service sector that cab be developed in an agile and efficient manner with good quality, proposed by private and public organizations including companies, associations, government agencies and academic societies.

2. Objectives and advantages

The main objectives of them are as follows:
a) Addressing varying standardization needs,
b) Providing nationally relevant standards that can be used /implemented as broadly as
  possible by interested parties, and
c) Saving time by fast-tracking the development project schedule.
The following advantages can be expected by choosing them:
― Promoting technologies and services,
― Facilitating consensus-building, and
― Increasing social awareness about related topics.
JSA Standards and Specifications can be particularly useful when an organization wants to develop a standard through a transparent and consensus-based process in timely manner. The first one, “JSA-S 1018:2017 Indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services – Land transport of refrigerated parcels with intermediate transfer – Specification”, was published in November, 2017.
In 2019, JSA-S 1001:2019 “Human resource management-Employee satisfaction - Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations”, JSA-S 1002:2019 “Guide for the development of service standards aiming excellent service” and JSA-S 1202:2019 “Sharing economy – operation of an online platform – specification” were published. Besides 5 new ones are under development.

JSA has strategic cooperation arrangements with AFNOR, BSI and DIN, based on sponsor requirements. Collaborative development opportunities can be explored with international partners.

Published working programmes