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JIS Certification Bodies Association (JISCBA)

Purpose of the establishment of JISCBA

Industrial Standardization Law was revised in June 2004 and the certification of JIS mark is to be implemented by the Accredited certification body with Japanese Government since October 2005.
And so the JIS Certification Bodies Association (JISCBA) has been established for following.
  • to ensure the reliability and the fairness and unification of the JIS mark scheme;
  • to contribute toward dissemination and development of industrial standards;
  • to coordinate closely among accredited certification bodies.

These are based on the recognition that there is an obligation to maintain further development of the JIS mark scheme and keeping of higher reliability.

Main activities

JISCBA acts as follows in order to ensure the dissemination, the development and reliability of the JIS mark scheme.
  1. Exchange of the opinions among members.
  2. Answer to opinion inquiry from competent ministry and proposal and demand submitting to the competent ministry.
  3. Exchange of the opinions with the groups of the accredited enterprises and with the purchasers or the consumers of JIS mark products.
  4. Giving the information of the re-examine or the revision trend of JIS to the members.
  5. The examination of the common technical problems concerning the method of certification.

For more information, see Organization chart

Members and special members

Regular member: Accredited certification body based on Industrial Standardization Law
Associate member: The organ which has applied for registration as an accredited certification body
Special member: The organ which serves as secretariat

For more information, see Member list

JISCBA drafting criteria, etc.

Criteria for training quality control manager
Collection of Interpretations

For more information, see Criteria for training quality control manager , Collection of Interpretations