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JIS Certification Bodies Association (JISCBA)

Purpose of establishment

In 2006, JIS Certification Bodies Association (abbreviated as JISCBA) was established to ensure the reliability, impartiality, and uniformity of JIS mark scheme and to contribute to the spread and development of JIS by sharing and coordinating the philosophy of registered certification body, which carries out certification activities for JIS marking based on Industrial Standardization Act established by the government.

What is registered certification body?
The organization confirms the quality of industrial products by executing all the test which are specified by JISs (Japan Industrial Standards) announced by the competent minister and examines the quality control system of the manufactures that can continue to maintain that quality. The organization is examined its abilities and registered by the national government.

For details, please refer to the charter and the bylaw of the organization.

Main business activities

JIS Certification Bodies Association carries out the following activities in order to ensure the dissemination, development, and reliability of the JIS mark scheme.
  1. Exchange of the opinions among members.
  2. Reply to inquiries from competent authorities, proposals and requset to competent authorities.
  3. Exchange of the opinions with the groups of the accredited enterprises and with the purchasers or the consumers of JIS mark products.
  4. Collecting information on the review and revision trends of JIS and providing it to members.
  5. Examination of common technical issues related to certification methods.
Refer to the business plan and the organization chart for details.

Members and special members

  • Regular Member: Accredited certification body based on Industrial Standardization Law
  • Associate member: Organization that applied for registration as accredited certification body
  • Special member: An organization serving as secretariat of the member
For details, refer to the <member list>.

JISCBA drafting criteria, etc.

Criteria for training quality control manager
Collection of Interpretations

For more information, see Criteria for training quality control manager , Collection of Interpretations