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Standardization System for the Creation of New Markets

Standardization activities are an important business tool to promote the timely promotion of new technology and excellent products. In particular, when products and technology, developed by mainstay or small/medium-sized companies, are sold both domestically and internationally. Standardization activities play an important role from the perspective of improving reliability and providing differentiation in the market.

JSA, as a national center for standardization, supports developing standards for domestic mainstay and small/medium-sized companies, and is involved in the creation of new markets.

The standardization system for new market creation, enables the period for developing standards to be shortened. For example, until now, if a mainstay or small/medium-sized company wanted to create a domestic standard (JIS), it would take approximately 2-3 years to gain a consensus domestically, and, approximately, one year to create a draft, but by using the current system, the total development period can be shortened to approximately 1.5 years.

A total of 25 cases of JIS have been issued up until September, 2019.