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Japanese Standards Association

We publish information on the standards preparation plan of the draft JSA standard for the purpose of harmonizing with the publication of the work plan based on the WTO / TBT agreement and providing information on opportunities for participation in the creation of standards.

Published Working Programs


Standardizing body Japanese Standards Association
Address Mita MT Bldg., 3-13-12 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0073, Japan
Contact point Standards Development Center
Tel +81 3 4231 8533
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Standard no. JSAS 1002
Title Guide for the development of excellent service standards
Classification Establishment
Former Published
ICS 01.120,03.080.10
Corresponding Int. Std. None
Decision to Start Work 2018/08/31 Deliberation Began 2018/08/31
Date of Comments Accept 2018/09(scheduled) Deadline for Comments 2018/11(scheduled)
Date of Issue 2018/11(scheduled) Effective Date 2018/11(scheduled)
Standard no. JSAS 1001
Title Human resource management -- Employee satisfaction -- Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations
Classification Establishment
Former Published
ICS 03.040,03.100.01,03.100.30
Corresponding Int. Std. None
Decision to Start Work 2018/07/31 Deliberation Began 2018/07/31
Date of Comments Accept 2018/10(scheduled) Deadline for Comments 2018/12(scheduled)
Date of Issue 2019/01(scheduled) Effective Date 2019/01(scheduled)
Standard no. JSAS 1202
Title Sharing economy - operation of an online platform – specification
Establishment Establishment
Former Published
ICS 01.040.03,03.080.01,35.020
Corresponding Int. Std. None
Decision to Start Work 2018/03/19 Deliberation Began 2018/03/19
Date of Comments Accept 2018/12(scheduled) Deadline for Comments 2019/02(scheduled)
Date of Issue 2019/03(scheduled) Effective Date 2019/03(scheduled)